Sudu (Sudharshan)

Product and Growth. Used to build ML products. Now I run FalconML where I offer end-to-end ML advisory and services.

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mumbai slum change segmentation

Built an ML model to segment Mumbai Slums. Fun fact, 70% of Mumbai are slums. The stark dichotomy of massive skyscrapers and slums nearby motivated me to make this. I wanted to find out how much slums have grown over time.

Few more WIP. Stay tuned!


A 2019 guide to Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning - Fun fact, this ranks top 3 in goggle when you search 'Pose Estimation'. Not for long though, because of the '2019' in my title. Also UMD MS CS recommends this as a learning resource for their grad students.

A 2019 guide to 3D Human Pose Estimation - Same as the above, but for 3D Pose Estimation.

A 2020 Guide to Synthetic Media - Deepfakes and more fun tech.