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I'm Sudharshan

Welcome. I'm a maker and a ML Engineer.

I like building fun and exciting products. I've recently taken on a challenge of building 21 products in 2021 (or approx 2 products each month ). Work at Dunder Mifflin is my first completed project in this challenge.

I also run FalconML on the side where I offer end-to-end ML advisory and services.

Check out some stuff I've built

Let's connect! Feel free to reach out. I won't bluetick :)

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stuff I've built


The Office TV Show ambient sounds. Went viral and got 22K visitors in 2 days.

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Only the good stuff

mumbai slum change segmentation

Built an ML model to segment Mumbai Slums. Fun fact, 70% of Mumbai are slums. The stark dichotomy of massive skyscrapers and slums nearby motivated me to make this. I wanted to find out how much slums have grown over time.

More drops incoming.


A 2019 guide to Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning

Human Pose estimation is an important problem that has enjoyed the attention of the Computer Vision community for the past few decades. In this post, I write about the basics of Human Pose Estimation (2D) and review the literature on this topic

Ranks in top 3 in Google SERP for 'Pose Estimation'. Recommned reading as part of UMD MS CS coursework.

A 2019 guide to 3D Human Pose Estimation

In this post, I write about the basics of 3D Human Pose Estimation and review the literature on this topic.

3D pose estimation is the task of producing a 3D pose that matches the spatial position of the depicted person.

Automating Receipt Digitization with OCR and Deep Learning

Receipt digitization addresses the challenge of automatically extracting information from a receipt.

Trending on HackerNews.

A 2020 Guide to Synthetic Media

Synthetic media is an exciting new area of research that has seen great advancements in the past few years - DeepFakes, Voice clones and even GPT-3



Remote | Jan 2020 - Present

My Machine Learning Services and Consultation company. Primarily work in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Clients include - PixCap , SixSense , E2E.

Entrepreneur First


Fellow |Singapore | July 2019 - Dec 2020

Selected to be part of the 6th cohort of EF Singapore.

EF is backed by Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn), founders of DeepMind and Paypal, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures and some of the world's other top investors. Since 2011 EF has worked with 2000+ individuals to build over 300+ startups that are valued in excess of $2B

ML startup

Machine Learning Engineer

Bangalore | Jan 2019 - July 2019


Research Asssistant

Mumbai | August 2018 - Nov 2018

Here I reaslised I don't like academic research.


Machine Learning Intern

Bangalore | May 2018 - July 2018

I don't really do research and papers anymore. You can check out my previous work if you're interested.

View my google scholar page here. My H-index is 2 and I have 12 citations.


Slum Segmentation and Change Detection: A Deep Learning Approach

NeurIPS ML4D Workshop, 2018

We introduce an approach to segment and map individual slums from satellite imagery, leveraging regional convolutional neural networks for instance segmentation using transfer learning. In addition, we also introduce a method to perform change detection and monitor slum change over time. We show that our approach effectively learns slum shape and appearance, and demonstrates strong quantitative results, resulting in a maximum AP of 80.0.

Relation Networks for Optic Disc and Fovea
Localization in Retinal Images

NeurIPS ML4 Health Workshop, 2018

We propose a novel approach to localizing the centers of the Optic disc and Fovea by simultaneously processing them and modelling their relative geometry and appearance. We show that our approach improves localization and recognition by incorporating object-object relations efficiently, and achieves highly competitive results.